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An audit is like a blue print of your credit. It explains your current credit history and provides valuable information about credit and what makes a credit score. It will give our recommendations of what needs to take place as well as our plan of action that we've come up with to improve your credit status.

This is only offered after we have reviewed your credit AT NO COST to see if our service would be a  good fit for you and you've enrolled in our service.


Average Client Is 4 Months!

Our goal is your goal and to get you back to Credit Freedom. Make sure that after our service you never have a reason to come back. We have helped hundreds of people get the credit they deserve , all with
NO UP-FRONT FEES. What are you waiting for you SHOULD be our next SUCCESS STORY!

Pay For Results

Our Pay for Results program is still a 6 month program but you only pay for deletions/corrections.
The rate is $25.00 per item per credit bureau. Example XYZ Collections is deleted from all 3 credit bureaus that would be 3 deletions so $25 X 3 = $75.00 charge. You are only charged after the item has been deleted. Your invoice can be paid out monthly at our monthly rate until balance is paid in full. If your invoice is over $125 you will have the ability to pay in full with a 20% discount.
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Unlimited Disputes
All Items Disputed At Once

We get RESULTS! Fast!

Credit Freedom Restored

Each round is 15 to 45 days

Round 1 Average

Round 2 Average

Round 3 Average

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