We will review your credit reports to ensure that our services are a great fit for you at NO COST! Just pull your credit reports at www.mycreditreports.net have access ready for your sales agent and get ready to change your credit and your future.

Jonnie from Garland, TX
Rating 5.0 - 03-19-2018
Very professional company and i was surprised how fast my credit repair was done "Blake is the man"

Lioznova from San Antonio, TX
Rating 5.0 02-21-2018
Blake was incredibly helpful, his advise will lead me to be able to purchase my dream home. I will definitely recommend his services, it's worth the money.

Jeffery from Euless, TX
Rating 5.0 02-10-2018
Throught the whole process Blake answered very quickly, effectively, and in a very easy to understand way. With his help I was able to get my credit score to a much better level and get my first Credit Card. I would recommend him to anyone of my friends looking to do the same with their credit.

Britney from Louisville, KY
Rating 5.0 - 01-31-2018
My Credit People is a great company. One of the best things my husband and I have done is contact them for our credit repair. We are now closing on a house for our family! Thank you so much!
2. The Audit
We only work on clients that we feel we can help, not everyone will be approved for our services. After your FREE EVALUATION if we feel we will be able to help then we proceed with completing the appropriate documentation. Once completed your file will be sent over to processing for your Audit to be completed. Your Audit is a 20+ page report that breaks down your current credit situation and provides a path way of what we recommend that needs to be done. Kinda like a blue print of your credit.
3. Investigate the Creditors & Collection Agency
Once your audit has been completed it will be provided to you as well as your username and password to our system for your approval. If approved we will then draft investigation material based on your case to be sent out to the credit bureaus and creditors. We are so confident in our service that we are one of the only few companies who offer a 100% 90 day money back guarantee. 
4. Rebuild Your Credit
​Building your credit is more than just having inaccurate items removed from your report. There is almost a science to how a credit score in generated. Part of this is to pay any unpaid verifiable items being reported to your credit reports that were verified.

The part of building a strong credit report is to make sure you have equal accounts of installments and revolving. An installment account is an account once paid in full you no longer have access to those funds again. A revolving would be an account once paid down you have that available credit to use again. Keep your credit card balances below 20% and if possible around 7 to 10%, remember it like this "The lower the balance the higher the score". 

We also have several different programs that we utilize to help build your credit. Our programs range from a savings account that reports as an installment monthly which you get back all money you put it plus interest after 12 months to secured credit cards that only require $200 to open and have a very low APR of 19% which is lower than most of your unsecured rebuilding credit cards on the market today.
We're here to help you achieve the highest credit score you can possibility have as well as the education to continue to improve that said score way into the future. So don't delay let's get you're credit back on track today.

**Verified accurate information can be reported up to 7 years from the last date of activity